Black and Grey Homestead Harvest Hat

by Ernst Grain

  • Flexfit


When sunglasses are missing in action, a hat can keep the sun out of your eyes just as nicely! Our black and grey Homestead Harvest hat is super comfy, flexible, and keeps you cool. The mesh material of the hat keeps air flowing around your head, so no unwanted heat or sweat gets trapped under the hat. By donning this hat you are supporting our 7th generation family farm. We are also the proud producer of Homestead Harvest. A brand of Non-GMO feeds, packed with omega 3’s, whole grains, nutrients, and vitamins. In addition, we strive to protect our local ecosystem by employing no-till cropping, cover crops, riparian buffer zones, and many more management practices. By wearing this hat you’re supporting a local family-owned business in the great state of Maryland!