World's Best Cat Litter Lotus Scent

by World's Best

World's Best Cat Litter Multiple Cat Lotus Blossom Scented formula is ideal for cat owners who prefer litter with a light floral scent. This litter offers quick clumping and outstanding odor control for 2 times longer-lasting performance than the leading US litter brand so you can smell less, clean less and buy less.

  • A quick clumping formula made from naturally absorbent corn that’s easy to scoop with no scraping necessary!
  • 99% dust free, which means less mess and cleaner air, so you and your kitty can breathe easy.
  • Made from whole kernel corn and 100% free from added chemicals, so it’s safe for pets, people and the planet!
  • Flushable and safe for most septic and sewer systems for easy litter box maintenance.

Feel good about what's in your litter box with this pet, people and planet friendly litter.