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Leptospirosis – To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

Leptospirosis – To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate

There is a lot of talk and controversy over this vaccine as there have been quite a number of cases of bad reactions and even death from the vaccine.

Some small breeds are more prone to problems and should never get this vaccine.  So do the research on your breed.

It is an informed decision – one made after talking with your vet to find out the prevalence of it in your area.

Please educate yourself and make an informed decision.  Your vet may automatically just recommend it but you should know the facts to make your own decision. 

You need to be your pup/dog’s advocate and put your foot down and say NO to your vet when you feel the need.

This vaccine should never be given at the same time as any other vaccine and should be at least 4 weeks out from any other vaccine given.  Some vets just put it into the combo vaccine without telling the owner and you don’t find out till you pay your bill.

I know that sounds unethical, and it is, but trust me, I have heard of this happening often.

Do you spend a lot of time outdoors hiking your dog near water where they will swim and drink the water?  Going to dog parks, etc.?  Do you allow your dog access to puddles to drink from, rivers, ponds, etc.?

Wild animals and other dogs that may be infected urinate in these areas and that is how your dog can pick up the disease.

I have also heard and read that it can be in the soil as well.

Know the signs of the disease and get to the vet right away for treatment.  It is a blood draw to detect the disease and it is treatable if caught early enough.  If not renal failure and/or liver disease can occur among other things.  See this site for symptoms and more info.

This is a disease that humans can get as well so you must be careful.

Here is some info to read and help you make a decision on whether to vaccinate or not.

This was reported back in March of 2017.  Know your area and do your research for the sake of your dog(s).


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