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Hemangiosarcoma In Dogs And Treatment.

Hemangiosarcoma In Dogs And Treatment.

This is a form of cancer that is said to spread quickly and can affect any organ, body cavity and bone.  It is not curable but treatment can keep it in check and give one more time with their beloved dog.

Chemotherapy is a treatment and dogs do not get as many side effects as humans.  They tend to handle chemo better than humans in most cases depending on how far along the cancer is.

There is another treatment using mushrooms as a supplement that is getting very promising results.  See this study below:

I know a dog that has hemangio in his spleen, underwent surgery to remove the spleen and is on this mushroom treatment and doing very well so far. 

This mushroom therapy supplement can be purchased on Amazon:

One of my girls had a mass on her liver that burst and surgery to remove it was touch and go.  Platelet count dangerously low and a lot of blood loss, needing multiple transfusions.  She made it thru but the next morning was bleeding out internally and going back in was not an option.  Her blood just would not clot.  It came on very fast but was not caught early enough prior to the mass bursting.  I had to let my girl go while I held her in my arms.  I can’t help but think if the tumor had not burst would she have survived the surgery and done well on mushroom therapy.

I pray for anyone going thru this with their dog and hope this info is helpful.


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