Yeti Dog Chews

by Yeti Dog Chews
Yeti Dog Chews are made from Yak and Cow Milk in the high altitudes of Nepal. This treat is long lasting, won't stain and has minimum odor. Yeti Dog Chews are all natural, and contains no chemicals, no preservatives and no additives. Once your dog gets down to a small piece, please be weary of potential choking hazards. We recommend you microwave the small piece for about 30-45 seconds, the chew will puff up and becomes a crunchy treat. Let it cool, and give it back to the dog to enjoy safely.

*Please note the image is showing the Medium Size Chews against a regular size tennis ball. Size will vary depending on the chew. Tennis ball not include.

Yeti Dog Chews Ingredients
Yak and Cow Milk

Yeti Dog Chews Size Chart
Small Dog Chew: Small dogs Up to 10 lb.
Medium Dog Chew: Medium Dogs up to 25 lb.
Large Dog Chew: Large Dogs up to 45 lb.
X-large Dog Chew: X-Large dogs, 46 lb. and bigger