NaturVet Septiderm-V Skin Care Lotion for Dogs and Cats

by NaturVet
NaturVet Septiderm-V Skin Care Lotion for Dogs and Cats is a gentle and soothing spray that helps relieve itching due to dry skin, hot spots and other skin conditions. This medicated spray easily calms hot spots and flaking while not leaving your pet greasy feeling and dries quickly.
Suggested Daily Use:
Apply liberally to all areas where inflammation, hair loss or sores are evident. Initial application should be preceded by a thorough bathing with Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath according to directions. Then apply Septiderm-V Skin Care Lotion two or three times daily. Reduce frequency as condition responds, apply as needed. Continue periodic bathing schedule. Apply to individual lesions or minor skin injuries as needed.
Deionized Water, Alkyldimethy lb.enzyl Ammonium Chloride C14 50%, C12 40%, C16 10%, Tetradecyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide; Ethanol 0.36% in an emollient lotion base containing emulsifiers and essential oils.