NaturVet No Go! Spray

by NaturVet
NO-GO! was been developed to help you housebreak your pet who might be have difficult understanding where to go. When sprayed on the soiled area, NO-GO eliminates the urine scent using natural enzymes so your pet will not return to that area. Safe to use on almost all fabrics but should be patch tested on a small area to ensure there is no staining.

Suggested Daily Use:
Clean soiled area thoroughly (no ammonia) the spray with NO-GO!. Repeat if necessary. On walls or other flat surfaces, tape a cloth on surface before spraying. NO-GO! has a fresh scent when first applied, then odorless when dry.

Active Ingredients:
Clove Oil (0.9%), Garlic Oil (0.5%), Sodium Chloride (0.1%)
Inactive Ingredients: Purified Water and Glycerine. (Total inerts 98.5%)<br />