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Herbsmith Comfort Aches

by Herbsmith
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Herbsmith Comfort Aches helps maintain a healthy muscular skeletal system, even in the roughest of play. This product helps manage discomfort for normal, everyday activities, to competition and working dogs. Herbsmith Comfort Aches suitable for short-term or long-term use for any dog.

This formula contains a unique combination of herbs that have gentle and harmonizing properties. In Chinese theory, herbs have been very successful at quickly managing discomfort and supporting the normal healing process. this blend of blood and energy moving herbs, that will effectively diminish discomfort and return the dog to full function as quickly as possible.

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Herbsmith Comfort Aches Ingredients
otoginseng Root (san qi): Stops bleeding, transforms blood stasis, and addresses discomfort from traumatic injuries.
Angelica Tang Kuei (dang gui): Invigorates, tonifies and harmonizes the blood, and addresses discomfort.
Frankincense (ru xiang): Invigorates blood, promotes movement of Qi, addresses discomfort.
Myrrh (mo yao): Invigorates blood, dispels blood stasis, supports healing, and addresses discomfort.
Carthamus (hong hua): Dispels blood stasis, addresses discomfort and invigorates blood.
Achyranthes (huai nui xi): Invigorates blood, expels blood stasis, strengthens tendons and bones, benefits the joints and tonifies and nourishes the liver and kidneys.