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Birdola - Orange Suet Cake

by Birdola
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Birdola Suet Cakes provide all the extra energy that wild birds need to survive the winter and get a boost during breed season. These cakes are made with rendered beef fat (or suet) and are meant to fatten up birds that hang around all year long. The Orange Suet cake is made with real orange flavoring to attract fruit loving birds.
The Orange Suet Cake formula attracts a wide variety of species.

These suet cakes are meant for consumption by WILD BIRDS and WILD ANIMALS only.
Birdola Orange Suet Cake comes in a 11.5 oz. block.

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Birdola Orange Suet Cake Ingredients:

Rendered Beef Suet, Corn, Milo, Wheat, Millet Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Orange Flavoring