Bazooka Collar Breakaway Martingale Large

by Bazooka Collar Co.
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** This collar comes in multiple colors. Please ensure you select the correct one at checkout.

The Bazooka Collar Martingale is a breakaway collar that uses a magnetic clasp to provide a reusable, safe collar for your dog whether they be at home or on walks. This collar has interchangeable neck straps and the magnetic hardware is detachable, so that it can used with a variety of bands. The velcro also helps make the collar high adjustable to fit most sized dogs.

The Bazooka Collar was created by an entrepreneurial minded young woman after she realized she needed a safe collar to leave on her dog when he was home alone or crated. This young dog, named Baz, needed to wear certain medical tags at all times but the traditional non-break away collar can be dangerous for dogs who are left alone. There are many cases of them becoming caught and dogs becoming injured or dying from their use. She also did not want a traditional break away as they often were useless once they broke the first time or did not break away properly. She also knew that many other people were looking for something similar in a collar.

This collar design that she came up with uses a strong magnet that is strong enough to hold together while you are walking, but breaks away easily if the dog struggles against it. This prevents choking during crate times or dogs jaws becoming caught during play. The collar slips right off or falls off if they pull the magnetic out of the latches.

The Bazooka Collar is great for dogs who need to wear their tags all the time, or for pet parent's who just want a bit of extra safety!

The Large Bazooka Collar in the Martingale style is suitable for dogs with a neck size of 17-22" for Large sized dogs.

Featuring Lauren and Gracie! She is wearing the LARGE Purple style.