Almo Nature Legend Natural Chicken and Rice Canned Food for Dogs

by Almo Nature
*IMAGE COMING SOON* Almo Nature for dogs is their answer to improving the quality of canned dog food that is on the market these days. The LEGEND line of canned foods for dogs is made with only the finest beef, chicken and tuna proteins and uses only whole meat. Not scraps like other companies sometimes use. These lines also use no colorants, preservatives, supplements or bulking agents. These cans are full of only natural nutrition, like we would want for ourselves. These formula's do contain a small amount of rice, as it is a great source of fiber and ensures balanced levels of intestinal flora, lysine and magnesium. These recipes come in 3.35 oz. and 9.87 oz. cans.

Almo Nature Legend Natural Chicken and Rice Formula Ingredients
Chicken fillet, chicken broth, rice

Almo Nature Legend Natural Chicken and Rice Formula Guaranteed analysis

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