State of Nature Frozen Raw Tripe for Dogs

by State of Nature

A fantastic supplement to your dog’s diet, Tripe contains natural digestive enzymes essential for maintaining proper microflora health within your dog’s digestive tract

State of Nature incorporates everything we now know about canine and feline heath. Exceptionally nutritious, food only limited ingredients, locally sourced from small farmers and tailored to the natural digestion of dogs and cats, it is the perfect food for your pet. Our raw food blends and single ingredient treats are based on a zero waste, whole foods philosophy learned through a lifetime on one small farm.

**Tripe is not a whole diet and is intended for supplemental use ONLY**

100% Green Tripe

Keep the food frozen until meal time. If the whole bag is not used, store in a tightly sealed container separate from other foods in the freezer. We recommend using a clean spoon when removing the raw food from it's package instead of using your hands.

If your pet is too full to finish, discard the leftover food within 30 minutes. Make sure to wash all working surfaces, utensils and hands after handling!