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When A Puppy Buyer Lies On The Application

When A Puppy Buyer Lies On The Application

I have certain criteria to purchase one of my pups and will not sway from it.

The buyer answered all my questions (I take notes) and came here to meet me and gave me a deposit.  Very nice man and obviously a dog person.   He had 3 other dogs – all nice sweet breeds.  He showed me pictures of all of them and he offered for me to meet them.

He said he owned his home and had a physically fenced yard.  The fenced yard (physical or invisible) is a criteria – owning the home is not – but I need proof the landlord allows dogs or the number of dogs allowed.

But, something was nagging at me.  I wanted to see proof of his fenced yard.  So I called him the next day and said I would like to come and meet his dogs and he suggested he meet me at a park near me.  Red Flag.  I told him there are no parks around here so I will come to your house and he agreed a bit reluctantly. 

The next day I called and said I would deliver the puppy so I could help him with the meet and greet with his dogs and my pup.  I figured if the yard is fenced its best I see that his dogs were a good match for my pup myself. 

I pulled up to the house in an industrial area.  100 feet from the house the street ended and intersected with a very high traffic road.

The minute I got out of the car he handed me a wad of cash.  We had not even done the paperwork and signed the contract.  I knew right then I would not see a fence.  He figured the cash would seal the deal.

Well my instinct was correct.  The back yard was not fenced.  He argued that it was because one side had a wooden fence – most likely belonging to the property next door.  Out the back of the property with no fence was another very high traffic road.

I handed him back his money and his deposit check and listened to him practically beg me for the pup.  What a good dog owner he is, etc.  I have no doubt he cares for his dogs and vets them well but he did not meet the criteria for one of my pups. 

And he lied to me!  That in itself is reason enough to refuse the sale.

I told him my pups, my rules, my decision and got in the car and left as he kept trying to convince me to sell him my pup.

This sweet Labrador boy rode like a dream in the car sleeping for almost an hour.  When I got home and took him out of the crate I hugged him and cried telling him he was safe and in the right place until the right home comes along.

Once the pup was settled back with his littermates I did a check to find out if he owned the home as he said he did.

Guess what?  Another lie!

This is the first time I ever felt the need to do a home check and am so relieved that I did.  I can’t imagine getting a phone call that my pup was hit by a car and injured or died.

Always follow your gut! 

Patty Snow

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