Calcium During Whelp (delivery of pups)

Some mother dogs get low calcium when in labor and delivering puppies.  This can be dangerous and lead to eclampsia of the uterus, milk fever or bad temperament toward her pups; from growling to down rite injury or death. 

To avoid this give calcium supplements after first pup is born.  Continue to give the calcium after each pup is born and even when she is finished delivering all her pups.  Give it to her for a few days after whelp.

Do not give prior to first pup being born unless the mother dog is in strong active labor and having contractions and pushing.

You can use tums, caltrate 600 mg., Calsorb, Breeders Edge Oral Cal Plus – to name a few.

Some people feed vanilla ice cream, Greek organic yogurt and cottage cheese in lieu of the above supplements mentioned.

You cannot overdose her on calcium.

If you find your mother dog is nasty to her pups get the calcium into her immediately and never leave her alone with the pups until you are sure the calcium is working.

You can take the mother dog to the vet for a test to determine if calcium is low and they can give an injection but best to not expose her to the vet if you can handle it at home.



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