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Anxiety in Animals - How YOU Can Help as an Owner

Anxiety in Animals - How YOU Can Help as an Owner

There are many different reasons that your furry friend may be itching, licking their paws, pacing, panting, and whining. One of the reasons they may be doing one or all of these actions is they may have anxiety. You, as a pet parent, can identify and help ease the way they are feeling. If your pet is not releasing all their energy it can translate into anxiety. Exercising your pet can be the best way to rid that extra energy, if you are still experiencing symptoms CBD may be the best option.

Animals' bodies, just like humans have an endocannabinoid system that helps to calm the body. When CBD is introduced to that system, it's absorbed and stored for later use. This system is responsible for helping to calm the flight or fight response in animals with anxiety. Not only is CBD oil good for anxiety, but it also helps with joint inflammation and joint pain.

The best way to administer the CBD oil is by placing the dose directly into the mouth. This method ensures that your pet is receiving the entire dosage and that it hits the bloodstream faster. The next best way would be to place the dose on the paw of your pet and having them lick it themselves. If those options are not possible, mixing it into food is another option. If CBD oil is not something that you feel comfortable with, I would recommend the treats or chewable that are available. The only downside with treats is that they are not as potent or concentrated and will require multiple to get the best results.

Much like taking varying doses of thyroid medication, CBD doses will need to be adjusted to find the perfect amount for your pet. If the pet's behavior hasn't gotten better, up the dosage of oil to the next half dose. If your pet's behavior is now the complete opposite, they are lethargic, lower the dosage to the next half dose. Once you have a pet that is the perfect combination of calm yet, happy; keep that dosage and administer that. To achieve the best results, administer daily. It can take up to 2 weeks to notice a difference in your pet.

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