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New Look for Holistic Select

New packaging for Holistic Select recipes will be coming soon!

The images below will show the new packaging replacements for your current Eagle Pack Holistic Products.

You will find more information on the new packages:
- Grouping vitamins and minerals
- Adding calorie content to all packages for ease of feeding
- Letting you shop by life-stages to select the best product for your pet

Changes that have been made to the Dry Dog formulas:
1) Removed Added Salt from Adult Recipes
   - Added Salt is not necessary for the animal's overall well-being and is perceived as a negative by holistic consumers
   - Salt remains in the Puppy recipes to meet AAFCO growth requirements
2) Removed Inositol from all recipes
   - With limited data for humans and no data for animals on the efficacy of this ingredient, it was removed.
3) Bacillus coagulins removed
   - Proven to not survive during manufacturing so WellPet removed it and increased the other Bacillus micro-organisms
4) Removed Glucosamine from Large and Small Breed Puppy Recipes
   - Glucosamine was removed from the above diets to meet AAFCO claims. Additionally, it is believed that puppies do not need supplemental Glucosamine during their growth stage.
5) Added Canola Oil to Radiant Adult Health Anchovy, Sardine & Salmon Meal Recipe
   - Included as a secondary fat source (in addition to menhaden fish oil)
   - Canola Oil was chosen so that it could truly be a single protein source (fish) diet. This addition also reduces the "fishy" smell.

Changes that have been made to the Can Dog formulas:
1) Over time, natural ingredients may shift in nutrient levels. Due to this, minor additions or subtractions were made to meet AAFCO minimums.
   - Choline Chloride Added
   - Salt removed from all recipes except for Puppy
   - Tricalcium Phosphate was added or subtracted depending on the diet
   - Ingredient panel has a new order due to the above changes