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                                           Hearty Pet's Giving Thanks to Our Furry Best Friends

Hearty Pet pledges to donate up to $1,600 total to specific animal rescue/shelter organizations if 8,000 people "Like" our Facebook Fan Page by Nov 24th... just in time for Thanksgiving! There are going to be a total of three organizations within the United States that we are going to donate to. These organizations are going to be chosen by you! All you have to do is write on Hearty Pet's Facebook Page Wall exactly which organization you want the donation to go to. Only one vote per person. For example, Jane Smith writes on our Wall: "I want my vote to go to the Austin, Texas Humane Society." We will keep track of how many "votes" each organization receives. The top 3 organizations will each receive the donations as listed below:

1st place vote getter will receive $1,000
2nd place vote getter will receive $400
3rd place vote getter will receive $200

If we do not reach our goal of 8000 "Likes" by Nov 24th, Hearty Pet will still donate to the top 3 voted organizations by percentage values. For example, if we only reach 6,500 fans, the 1st place organization will still receive $812.50, and so on with the other runner ups.

As of October 13th, 2010, Hearty Pet's Facebook Page has 1,974 fans. Only 6,026 more to go! So please, invite your friends, families and co-workers to "Like"  Hearty Pet's Facebook Page. This is a great opportunity to help out our furry best friends in need!

* You must "Like" Hearty Pet's Facebook Page  in order for your vote to count.
** Only one vote per person.
*** All votes must be written on Hearty Pet's Facebook Page's Wall. (Votes will not be counted if they come in by blog, email, chat or phone.)