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What are the benefits?
  • Save time and no worries - You decide which products you want and how often you need them. No more worrying about running out of food and remembering to reorder.
  • Enjoy the convenience and flexibility - You have the flexibility of revising your delivery schedule and where the items will be shipped to. At any time you may adjust your frequency to have your food delivered wherever you want them, whenever you want them. You can also at anytime change the items in your auto delivery, simply login and upgrade from puppy food to adult or add flea and tick control for the summer season. Its all really that simple.
  • No strings attached - This convenient money saving service is absolutely free. There is no obligation, you can cancel at any time and your credit card is only charged once the order is shipped.
How do I sign up for Auto Delivery?
  1. To sign up for Auto Delivery, add all the item(s) to your shopping cart that you would like enrolled.
  2. Proceed to checkout until you are on the second page, you will see Billing Information and Shipping Information at the top of the page. Scroll mid-way down until you see a tab labeled, "Select Order Frequency". This is a drop down box select the frequency you prefer (e.g. 2 weeks, 3 weeks…).
  3. Continue with the checkout process. Once this first order is placed, your subsequent Auto Delivery orders will be scheduled. The credit card used for the initial order will be the same credit card used for all future deliveries.
  4. If you prefer to have your auto delivery setup by one of our customer service team members, please call us at 1-800-851-2809 (M - F 9am - 4:30pm EST).
How do I modify, cancel, postpone or change the Auto Delivery?
  1. Login to the Account - you will find this at the top of the page, labeled "Your Account".
  2. Click the link "Change Auto Delivery Options" – this link is located at the top of the Login Page, 3rd link from the top. Please make sure that the "Next Ship Date" is set to the appropriate date when you make your adjustments!
  3. To Change or Edit Credit Card Information – click the button labeled "Edit Credit Card Information". Follow the instructions listed on the page.
  4. To Modify, Cancel, Postpone shipment – there is a table shown on the page which outlines your initial order number, with associated dates (upcoming shipments), follow the instructions listed in red.
  5. For any further questions or concerns with your account – please call our customer service center at 1-800-851-2809 (M – F 9am – 4:30pm EST).
We understand consumption of food can vary for many reasons; we will email you one week prior to shipping to alert you of the upcoming shipment to allow you an opportunity to cancel or postpone. On the day the Automatic Delivery is placed you will receive an invoice that will show you the grand total that will be billed to your card. Once shipped, we will email you with the date we shipped your order and give you the tracking information.

The cost of your order will be the current published price.

**** If your initial order contains samples, these will not be included in your future auto deliveries.

**** Please remember if you make any changes to the auto plan yourself, make sure to adjust your next ship to exactly when you want your plan out next.