I have a feral cat that is not totally tame yet…meaning I cannot pick her up or pet her for very long.  Well, she ended up having a conjunctivitis episode.  I did not know she had this until recently.  This happened on a weekend about a month ago.   She was miserable.  I was quite upset because I could not put drops in her eyes, which is the usual medication for this and I could not catch her to take her to the vet.  So I did some research on the Internet and found that l-Lysine given orally can help this.  It may take longer, but it does work.  So, this is what I did.  I bought the l-Lysine capsules (500 mg) and mixed the contents of one of these in wet cat food and fed it to her at least once a day.  The original article I found suggested this be done twice a day.  I could not find that article again but I did post some things below as a start for anyone else who may have a cat that they cannot give eye drops.  I spoke with my vet about it and he said you could do this.    But, since I am not a vet or doctor, etc., so please check with your vet before you try something like this with your cat.  It did seem to work for my cat.  After about 3 days of this at least once a day, she was much better.  I gave it to her for a week once a day and she was over it.  So far it has not come back but I am ready for it when and if it does.  :-)

Here is one link to a site that gives you some info on this:


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