Pet Zodiac Signs

Aries- Mar. 21- Apr. 20 -Competitive, win at all costs, can’t hold grudges, energized, like to be the boss.

Taurus- Apr. 21- May. 20 -Very controlling, possessive, hold their ground, Obedient, eat alot

Gemini- May. 21- Jun. 20 -Mouthy, instigator, like to run around (do not stay still)

Cancer- Jun. 21- Jul. 22 -Loving, protectors, children friendly, collectors of toys, attached

Leo- Jul. 23- Aug. 22 -“king”, attention demanding, love the sun, great with other pets if they are the leader, want the best

Virgo- Aug. 23- Sep. 22 -Cleanly, easily trained, likes routines, whiners, can get sick easily

Libra- Sep. 23- Oct. 22 -Pretty, lazy, indecisive, charming

Scorpio- Oct. 23- Nov. 22 -Like to hide things, intense, stubborn

Sagittarius- Nov. 23- Dec. 21 -Explorers, sociable, like attention, like freedom, filled with energy, humorous

Capricorn- Dec. 22- Jan. 19-Stubborn, get what they want, like routines, whine if something is not as it normally is

Aquarius- Jan. 20- Feb. 19 -They love everything, strange and unusual activities, not very close to people (more independent), like variety in food

Pisces- Feb. 20- Mar. 20 -Kind, caring, like feet, rescuers, space out alot, don’t handle stress very well

Does your pet fit this???