Dog Swimming

Swimming isn’t only for people. Dogs and other pets love it too! Just like us, It helps cool them off on a hot day. If you plan on taking your pet swimming, make sure they have learned how to swim first. Start out is shallow waters. You will learn if your pet needs a safety vest for swimming. These can be purchased for around $25. Also, get in with them and invite other people and their pets. Dogs are usually confident with others around. A helpful hint is: you should keep them on a leash while swimming the first couple times. They might keep on swimming away! You should clean your dog before and after swimming for keeping bacteria and chemicals off. Now, my local public pool has a day at the end of the summer for pets and their owners to go swimming! It isn’t expensive either. check out and see if your pool has the same. Have a safe and fun time in the water!

Proper Hydration In Your Pet

It is beginning to warm up the closer we get to summer. Somedays will be those extremely grulling hot days. During these days, it is easy to dehydrate. These are some tips to keep your pet from dehydrating.

1.Always make sure there is water available for your buddy. (inside and when outside)

2.Make sure when you take them out, the bathroom breaks are short and playtime is reduced.

3. Give them some ice to play with. They might have fun and it is easy way to keep water levels up!

4. For outside pets, Make sure there is shade to rest in.

Follow these easy steps, and have fun in the sun!