Dog Swimming

Swimming isn’t only for people. Dogs and other pets love it too! Just like us, It helps cool them off on a hot day. If you plan on taking your pet swimming, make sure they have learned how to swim first. Start out is shallow waters. You will learn if your pet needs a safety vest for swimming. These can be purchased for around $25. Also, get in with them and invite other people and their pets. Dogs are usually confident with others around. A helpful hint is: you should keep them on a leash while swimming the first couple times. They might keep on swimming away! You should clean your dog before and after swimming for keeping bacteria and chemicals off. Now, my local public pool has a day at the end of the summer for pets and their owners to go swimming! It isn’t expensive either. check out and see if your pool has the same. Have a safe and fun time in the water!

Dock Diving And Other Pet Sports.

I’ve always been interested in the sport called dock diving. Its very popular on the coastal regions,east and west. People train their pets specifically for this very athletic event. When it is a dog’s turn, the trainer usually has his/her dog sit and then takes a toy and throws it as far as possible into the giant pool.

Instinctively, the dog goes after it and ends up jumping far. The farther the dog goes before landing in the water is the winner. They measure where the nose  is. I’m just so amazed at how far these dogs can jump. The record right now is at 29ft 1in held by Smoke, a chesapeake bay retriever.

Do you know of any pet sports that are more interesting as that. I would love to hear your comments on your favorite pet sports, or even sports you’ve made up.!

Pets and Sports.

People love pets and people love sports. Some like to mix them together.

There is nothing like man’s, and woman’s, best friend watching a good sporting event with you! It’s great bonding time.

I know people, and you probably do too, that dress their pets up just as they dress themselves up for those: baseball, football, basketball games. No matter how ridiculous you both might look, it’s pretty fun! Especially when your team wins!

I know for a fact some baseball teams, minor and major league, have taken their dog to the ball park day(s). That would be a fun idea! What do you do with your pets when there is a big game coming on? Tell us your interesting stories and what team(s) you support!