Do you suspect your pet could be underweight or overweight???

Well, here are some signs your pet could be off track of their ideal weight. These are accurate for almost all pets. Very Underweight is basically when you can see the ribs very easily and there is no fat covering them (very noticeable) . Underweight is where the ribs are easily seen and they don’t have much fat covering the midsection. What you want your pets to be like for a healthy weight would be where you can see the ribs a bit and there is some fat on them. Now, Overweight would be classified by a good bit of fat making it hard to feel/see the ribs. Very Overweight/Obese: Very fat and can’t see the ribs or feel them. (it would be a good idea to get your pet checked out by your pet health care provider if your not sure or positive your pet isn’t at their ideal weight)

Also, you don’t want your pet to lose weight too much too fast. That could cause health problems. If you have a small sized dog have them lose about 1/3 lb. a week. medium dogs about 3/4 lb. a week. larger dogs 1 and 1/4 lb. a week. cats 1/5 lb. a week.

And once you check out your pet and sure they are their ideal weight, getting plenty of exercise,and having social time with other pets. They will be looking like this. ————————–>

Thanks to Lori. and please feel free to add or ask questions through comments.