Famous Pets

Pets aren’t just for ordinary people. Famous people have pets too. They might even support pet causes. Martha Stewart has a cat named Beethoven. Elizabeth Taylor had a maltese named Sugar. Ellen DeGeneres was awarded the ASPCA Founder’s Award for her lifelong dedication to the promotion of kindness and compassion towards animals. Pets even show up in TV shows and movies. Santa’s little helper on The Simpsons, Lassie, etc. What i am getting across is that pets are all around us! Everywhere we go they are a big part of almost everyones lives.

Memorial Day

Memorial day is a day set aside to celebrate and remember those who died for our country. So, you probably think of your dad or uncle….but, what about those pets that die for our country too? K-9 unit dogs, bomb-sniffing bees, even soldier bears are used. Imagine that! There are plenty others out there too. So, when you are thinking of those fallen think of more than just people, think of pets.


(the picture is of a seal a.k.a “navy seal” used for underwater mines)

Pets and Sports.

People love pets and people love sports. Some like to mix them together.

There is nothing like man’s, and woman’s, best friend watching a good sporting event with you! It’s great bonding time.

I know people, and you probably do too, that dress their pets up just as they dress themselves up for those: baseball, football, basketball games. No matter how ridiculous you both might look, it’s pretty fun! Especially when your team wins!

I know for a fact some baseball teams, minor and major league, have taken their dog to the ball park day(s). That would be a fun idea! What do you do with your pets when there is a big game coming on? Tell us your interesting stories and what team(s) you support!