East Coast Earthquake 2011

1:55pm eastern time today an earthquake about 5.9 on the richter scale hit in the area of Mineral, VA. I was not too far from it so i felt it. I have never experienced an earthquake and it was quite a ride and scare to people. My pets didn’t act differently but i heard that some of my friends pets did. Where are you located? Did you feel it? How did your pets react? thanks for sharing this experience with me!

What is a “pet”?

According to Wikipedia a pet is known as ”

A pet is a household animal kept for companionship and a person’s enjoyment, as opposed to wild animals or to livestock, laboratory animals, working animals or sport animals, which are kept for economic or productive reasons. The most popular pets are noted for their loyal or playful characteristics, for their attractive appearance, or for their song. Pets also generally seem to provide their owners with non-trivial health benefits;  keeping pets has been shown to help relieve stress to those who like having animals around. There is now a medically-approved class of “therapy animals,” mostly dogs, that are brought to visit confined humans. Walking a dog can provide both the owner and the dog with exercise, fresh air, and social interaction. The most popular pets are dogs and cats, but there are also rodent pets, such as gerbils, hamsters, chinchillas, fancy rats, and guinea pigs, and avian pets, such as canaries, parakeets, or parrots.”   Do you think thats what pets are? if not submit your definition.

Most Pet Food Donated In 1 Week (7 days)

On, September 1-7, 2006 over 13,000 pounds of pet food in donations were collected at the Pick ‘n’ Pay supermarket in Boksburg, South Africa.

All that food was donated to the Boksburg SPCA.(actual world record in Guinness Book of World Records).

That is a great deed.

So, when you decide to buy a pet consider adoption first.

If you see pet food on sale, buy an extra bag and donate it.

It might not be a world record but it will sure make a difference.

Remember, there are always pets in need.

Maybe you will even make a pet as happy and healthy as your own!

National Pet Month

Did you know….. This month is National Pet month? April, 11th 2011 is  National Pet Day. National Pet Day was created by the Animal Miracle Network. So, make a donation to keep those miracles coming. Also, Animal Miracle Network created Kids and Pets Day to celebrate the special bond between children and pets. Other Holidays include: World Veterinary Day ( April, 30th),Pet Owners Independence Day (April, 18th), and don’t forget Easter is just around the corner! So, how are you going to celebrate this month full of Holidays? Give your pet a hug and something special. Tell us how you are going to make National Pet month special.