Heartypet Offered Brands

I think Heartypet offers a wide variety of pet supplies from a bunch of different companies. 42 brands of dog food from: A Dog’s Life to Ziwi Peak. ¬†12 Brands of cat treats from: Grandma

Lucy’s to Zuke’s.7 brands of bird food from: Dr. Harvey’s to Sunseed. Thats just a few to throw out there. I would like to know which you have tried f

rom toys to food to flea/tick supplies.¬†Which kind of stuff do you prefer? Why? Which kind don’t you prefer? Why?

Most Pet Food Donated In 1 Week (7 days)

On, September 1-7, 2006 over 13,000 pounds of pet food in donations were collected at the Pick ‘n’ Pay supermarket in Boksburg, South Africa.

All that food was donated to the Boksburg SPCA.(actual world record in Guinness Book of World Records).

That is a great deed.

So, when you decide to buy a pet consider adoption first.

If you see pet food on sale, buy an extra bag and donate it.

It might not be a world record but it will sure make a difference.

Remember, there are always pets in need.

Maybe you will even make a pet as happy and healthy as your own!