Flea and Tick Season

Spring time is here!That means warmer temperatures and fun in the sun!

Also, it is beginning of flea and tick season, which usually lasts through fall. In fact, i just got bit the other day by a tick.

They are really bad this year! Protect your dogs from them by applying Bayer (K9 advantix) or Frontline products from  Heartypet.

Now, That doesn’t mean they won’t get ticks or fleas, it just helps a lot! So, when you get your pets inside always make sure to check them thoroughly.

Fleas and ticks carry many diseases. Ticks are harder to find because they burrow into the skin while fleas hop around and usually get into your house.

If you do find a tick on your pet, remove it slowly with tweezers and i always burn them.

But, make sure to have a happy and healthy spring!