Adopt-a-cat Month

July is Adopt-a-cat Month. July is coming to an end. So here is the postives/negatives to owning your very own cat.

Pros: Cute, affectionate, keeps you company when alone, Stress relief, keep themselves clean, good attitude, quiet. (don’t apply to ALL cats)

Cons: Litter Box cleaning, brushing (or they shed), hide, cost of food, fleas, scratch and bite (if it has no toys)

The pros outweigh the cons. Find the right one for you and yor family (My SPCA has a card that tells everything about the animal). So get out there and ADOPT-A-CAT. Also, it doesn’t have to be July for you to adopt one. Also, personally i recommend adoption before buying an animal just because of what happens to them if they are not adopted.