Angry Birds

Yes, i’m talking about the famous app everyone plays. Angry Birds where you slingshot birds into pigs to complete levels.

Its very addicting and frustrating. This isn’t really about pets but birds are pets.

I think i know why they call it Angry Birds. You get stuck on a level and it makes you angry!

I’ve been playing it lately and it happens to me alot! So, what do you think about angry birds? What do you like or dislike?

Picking Your Pet Bird

People usually go to a pet store and find a bird they like. Here are a couple things you should consider before purchasing. Yes, a lot of research is required. Research these to make sure you will be happy with your pet for a long time. Size is a big factor. Do not get a huge bird if you live in an apartment. Behaviors can be associated with species. What they need to eat can be specific and there is a lot of maintenance. Finally, it comes down to if you have the money and time to take care and enjoy your bird. For example, a cockatiel can get 1-2ft big at adult. They make grinding sounds with their beak when they are happy. You can feed them bird seed from the stores, vegetables, and even pasta (cooked)! Clean cage and nutrition is typical maintenance. Costs range $25-$100 and then you have to buy the cage. Spend time taking it out everyday and interacting with it, that will keep you and your bird happy! Now, do that for whatever type of bird you want and go become a happy pet owner!