Marrow Bone Stuck On Lower Jaw

If this happens don’t panic.

Think about it;  if the bone was able to fit over the jaw and  behind the canines than it is large enough to come back off.

Try this method before rushing to the vet:

With dog standing place your hand on the dogs throat grabbing the skin and pull down toward the chest. At the same time pull the bone from under the jaw up toward the ceiling. It will usually slip right over the canines and off the jaw.o

To prevent this from happening be sure your marrow bones are long enough – at least 6″ or more and that the center h0le is not too large.


Should I Worry About Coyotes In My Yard?

Coyotes are very smart and if they are hungry enough they can and will target your dog.

They send one out of the pack into your yard to befriend/play with your dog.  The coyote than lures your dog to the pack where they attack and kill.

I will not allow my dogs out alone at night if the coyotes are around.  They go out on a leash for a quick potty break and right back in the house.

We shoot off a modern black powder rifle into the sky to scare them off when we know they are around.

I knew of someone that was hiking with her dogs when coyotes showed up and attacked one of her dogs.  She was hours by foot from her car and her dog was so badly injured and ripped open (intestines hanging out) that she had to suffocate the dog to stops it’s suffering.

I do know that to keep bears away when hiking a coffee can full of coins that you shake loudly will scare them off.  Perhaps this would work for coyotes too.


Is It Safe For My Dog To Swim in The Ocean Or Salt Water Pools?

It is provided your dog is not drinking the water or ingesting it as it retrieves toys from the ocean or pool.

My sister took her Lab to a friend’s salt water pool and he kept retrieving a ball.  Suddenly his back legs went out from under him and he could not see.

He had been swallowing water while carrying the ball in his mouth.

If this happens to your dog you need to get them to the vet immediately as the salt needs to be flushed from the body as soon as possible.  Just coaxing your dog to drink lots of fresh water is not enough in my opinion.  The vet will most likely administer IV and/or sub-Q fluids to flush the body.

The dog may also vomit up the salt water but I would not consider that to be enough.   Get to the vet.

From info I have read it can effect the organs and blood and the dog can die if not cared for properly and immediately.


How Much Should I Feed My New Puppy?

You should feed the same amount the breeder is feeding when you get your pup home.  It is also important to feed the same food as the breeder.  If you feel the need to change food please feed the same food as breeder for about 3-4 weeks before switching to prevent stomach upset or diarrhea.  You need to do a slow switch over to also prevent this.

You need to keep an eye on your pups weight so they stay at a healthy weight as they grow.

This is especially important as the adult teeth are coming in.  The body needs calcium for the teeth to grow and be strong.  If the pup is too thin (not getting enough to eat) than the body will draw calcium from the bone.  Once you loose bone you can not get it back and the pup will not grow to the proper standard of the breed.

English/bench bred Labrador pups should be chuncky (not fat) rather than lanky.  Most vets will disagree with this but they don’t know the breed like reputable breeders do.  In fact most vets get very little, if any, nutritional training in vet school.  They are not your best source for questions about brand and amount of food to feed.

Your pup should have a very slight waist line from back of ribs to hip.

Your pup will go thru growth spurts and this is when you need to increase the amount you are feeding.  Perhaps 1/4 cup daily will be enough.  You need to keep an eye on stools.  After a few days if they are firm than add another 1/4 cup to another meal.  See how the pup does on the 1/2 cup increase and if they are not gaining slowly add a bit more.

If you are not sure take your pup to your breeder for their opinion or email them a pic of your pup standing from the side and from the top with you standing at the pups rear end.


Natural Antihistamines For Dogs

Many dogs have skin issues either from allergies, hotspots from itching/chewing or chewing from boredom, etc.

Most vets will put your dog on steroids which is not good for them long term.

I prefer the holistic approach when possible and have found a few things that work well.

One is a salve  of Comfrey and St. Johns Wort compound from

Another is Quercetin and Bromelain.  I use this product giving one per day:

Vitamin C in high doses (to bowel tolerance) works well too.  It makes the adrenal gland produce natural steroids which work as a natural anti-inflammatory.  Slowly increase and watch for bowel intolerance.  I have given as much as 6000 – 8000 mg. daily split up in 2 meals.

The rule of thumb when using human supplements for a dog 50 – 90 lbs is 1/2 the adult dose.  For small breeds or puppies give 1/2 the child dose.  (Vit C is a water soluble vitamin so the body will flush what it does not need/utilize)

Some dogs will have allergies to certain foods so if you suspect this you need to do elimination diets.  Fillers can often be the culprit (corn, wheat, etc.) but sometimes it is the protein source in the dog food.  You can do allergy testing to pinpoint the culprit whether its food or environmental but it can be costly.

Years ago  I had a dog allergic to corn.  Switched to a kibble with no corn and it solved the problem.  I watched her eat an ear of corn off the stalk in the yard one day and within 24 hours she had a huge flair up so for me it was easy to figure out.  Years later the same dog needed specific food for kidney failure and it had corn in it but she never had a flair up which tells me she outgrew the allergies just like children can.

If you are unsure about using human supplements for your dog consult with a holistic vet.


Natural Anti Itch Remedies For Humans

If you are like me mosquito bites drive you nuts and the itching can keep you up most of the night.

I have tried a few things that work well.

Put witch hazel in a spray bottle and spray the effected area.  The key is to do this prior to scratching the itch.

A combination salve made from Comfrey, St. John’s Wort Compound from works great.  I keep it on my night stand for when I wake up itching and it works very quickly.

I have recently tried something else that works great, especially if taken prior to bed.

Boiron pellets from Amazon.  It is Apis Mellifica.  Put 3 pellets under your tongue and let them dissolve.  I get results in about 20 minutes when taken after itching starts.


Teaching Your Puppy To Swim

Most puppies do not know how to use their back legs the first time they try to swim.  Their back end sinks and they may panic and develope a fear of the water.

If you have a pool or a friend with a pool this is the best way to teach them.

Purchase a puppy size life vest.  They are around $25.00

Put a collar and leash on the pup and the vest.  Carry the pup into the shallow end of the pool and get them used to the water.  Than try to get them to swim in a circle around you while you hold the end of the leash.

The vest will keep them afloat while they learn to use their back legs and they will not panic.

Than guide them toward the stairs so they know where to get out of the pool.  Otherwise they may try to climb out the side and panic when they can’t get out.

Take off the vest and go back in the pool with your pup on the leash and see if they use their back legs.

If so, you and your pup should be good to go.  If not put the vest back on and keep practicing.


Cauliflower Casserole

Take a head of cauliflower and blanch it.

Put in a food processor and puree.

Add cream cheese, sour cream, chopped chives, grated swiss cheese and butter.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Be creative with cheese.  Parm, cheddar, whatever……..

Puree it all till smooth and t0 the consistancy you want.  The more you add the thinner the casserole.

Put in a casserole and top with buttered sauted bread crumbs and bake in a 325 degree oven for about 30 minutes or until bubbling.

(melt  butter in a pan and add bread crumbs and sautee till browned.   The more butter the better.  This is the topping for your casserole)

Serve as a side dish with any meat;  pork, steak, chicken, lamb, etc.



Peanut Butter And Banana Crepe With a Zing

This s awsome.

Make pancake batter very thin to crepe consistancy.  Cook two crepes and set aside.

Take one crepe and spread with peanut butter, add a layer of mayonnaise and place crepe side down in a  cast iron frying pan.

Add sliced bananas, chopped walnuts and crisped cooked chopped bacon.

Put peanut butter and mayo on the other crepe and place PB side down on top of the other crepe.

Bake in the oven at around 325 degrees (or stove top) till PB melts a bit.

Top with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream and serve.



When Can I Take My Puppy To Obedience Classes?

You can start your puppy training at home.  Teach the pup starting at 8 weeks of age to walk on a leash.  Teach sit, down, leave it, wait, etc.

I do not recommend group classes until your pup has had all its vaccinations.  The last one should be at 16 weeks or older.  And most group classes will also require rabies, which should be done no sooner than 4 weeks after the last vaccination.

If you take your pup to a group class prior to all vaccinations you are taking a huge chance of exposing the pup to deadly diseases.  The worst of them being Parvo.

Please ask your vet for their opinion.  The trainer conducting the classes will most likely tell you its fine to start after the second vaccination……  because they want enrollment to make money.

The only way you will know if 2 vaccinations are enough is to titer test your pup at the vet.  This is a blood draw and sent to the laboratory to see if the pup has an immunity to the diseases for which is being vaccinated for.

Please, for the sake of your pup, wait for all vaccinations to be completed before starting a group obedience class.

This also goes for not taking  your pup to Petsmart stores or the like, dog parks, etc…..

And when you go to the vet’s office, do not allow your pup on the ground of the facility; in the waiting room or the exam room until all vaccinations are complete.

Please listen to this advice for the health of your beloved puppy.