Sending Pups To Their New Homes

It is always bitter sweet.  I cry when each one leaves and hug them and kiss them and pray they will adjust quickly without their litter mates, sleep through the night, house train easily and be happy.

I do carefully screen every family way in advance and I follow my gut if something does not seem right.  It is my decision as to who will and who will not get one of my pups.

I wean momma at least 1 week prior to pups leaving so they are no longer as dependent on or attached to her.

I send each pup home with a few toys that all pups have played with and they have also been rubbed on momma and grandma for scent.

New families bring a few towels to rub on litter mates and older dogs as well.

I follow up same day to see how pup is adjusting and for a good week after to see how they are doing thru the night and with house training etc.

I am on call for my pups and their families for the life of the pup and I truly appreciate my buyers keeping me updated with details and pics of their pups.


Author: patty

Franklin Lakes, NJ

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