Choosing AKC Registered Name

This can be fun for the whole family.

I usually choose a call name first and work off that for a catchy name.  Sometimes its the other way around.

Here are a few examples:

Clyde (as in Bonny and Clyde) Snowco’s Take The Money And Run

Snowco’s When Thunder Rolls (Stormy)

It is not necessary to have the call name and AKC name cooincide.

Sometimes you can combine the sire and dam names to come up with one for your pup.

I have one pup person who wanted to use the names of her 2 last Labs; Cody and Duffy;  CoDuffy’s Legacy Of Snowco.

The AKC allows 36 characters which includes hyphens, spaces, etc.  You can go as high as 50 but there is an additional charge.  They also have a limit as to how many times a name can be used.


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