I Want To Breed My Dog

I had a call the other night from someone looking for a pup and this was the reason he wanted one.  So he  could eventually breed her to his male dog.  And he had no experience at all.

Needless  to say,……  I would not consider selling him a pup.

My first question is “why” do you want to breed?

The answer is usually because he or she is a great dog.

My next question is what does he or she have to offer to the breed?

The answer is he or she is a great dog.

Folks, this is not a reason to bread your dog.

First off your dog must be of the proper standard for the breed and it should be evaluated by reputable breeders and/or in the conformation show ring.

If you have never bred a dog – especially a female – I will start with these questions:

Do you know what it takes to get to the point of breeding:

Health clearances (for Labs or most medium to large breed dogs) Hips, Elbows, Eyes (Optigen), Heart, EIC,  etc.   Do you have any idea what all this costs?

Full blood work prior, then progesterone draws to know when the bitch is ready to be bred?  More money.

Timing for breeding?

Proper feeding of the bitch during gestation?  More money.

X-rays to determine pregnancy and the number of pups to expect?  More money.

Knowing when she is in labor – taking temp, knowing the signs of labor?

When she is ready to whelp – will you know what to do?

Will you know how to help her when a pup is stuck?

Will you know when you may have to rush her in for an emergency c-section?

Will you know what to do to try and revive a still born pup?

What to do when the pup is alive but lethargic?

What if mom is not right….. does not want to nurse her pups, or clean them; mother instinct does not kick in?

Are you prepared to bottle or tube feed the pups to save their lives?

Are you prepared to have a large litter and possibly loose pups?

If a pup is stuck in the birth canal that means others may be coming behind that pup (their cords already detached) and suffocating before they can be born…. will you know what to do to get that stuck pup out to save that one and the others that may be right behind?

This all happens more often than you think.

Breeding is not for the weak of heart and no seasoned breeder has all the answers.

However, if you just “want to breed your dog”, please think twice, ten times about this.

Spay or neuter your pet and love them for all their life.


If you are serious about wanting to get involved in breeding than find a mentor in your breed.  Go to dog shows to learn about your breed and see what is the proper standard of your breed.  This is the best place to learn and meet breeders who “may” be willing to mentor you and sell you a pup on open AKC registration that you can show and possibly eventually breed.



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