Ectropion – Eye Condition In Dogs

This is said to be a hereditary condition in dogs and should be monitored by your vet.

The eye lid(s) will droop down and can allow debris to enter causing infections.  This is not something a breeder will necessarily notice at 8 weeks of age when the pup goes to their new home.  Please keep that in mind.

However, if you have this condition diagnosed you should definitely notify your breeder where you got the pup.

Surgery may be needed to tighten the eye lids but should not be done until the dog is of a mature age.

This is the opposite of Entropion – which can be a more severe issue.

I would have your vet refer you to an Ophthalmologist for follow ups and to determine if the dog will ever need surgery to correct the issue.

The pup should be monitored by the Ophtho until it is old enough to determine if it needs surgery.

Your regular vet is most likely not trained in this type of issue or surgery.  Please be sure to ask them if they have performed this surgery, what the success rate is and don’t hesitate to ask for references from other patients they have treated and done surgery on.

Its always best to deal with a specialist.

I personally would use a board certified Optho for surgery rather than my regular vet.

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