Entropion – Eye Condition In Dogs

This is an eye condition that is said to be hereditary in dogs.

The eye lid turns in toward the eye and the eye lashes can irritate the eye or scratch it causing damage or ulcerations to the cornea.

If left untreated it could lead to scarring of the cornea and loss of vision.

Some pups will correct as they grow and most vets will tell you to wait it out.  Surgery may be necessary but it is important to wait and see if the pup is outgrowing it.  Even if it is suspected the pup will not outgrow this condition it is best to wait till the pup is older before surgical correction.

The eyes should be checked regularly to prevent damage.

I would recommend a canine ophthalmologist to do the routine checks, tacking or surgery.  If you choose to use your regular vet be sure and ask them how many procedures they have performed and what the success rate is.  Don’t hesitate to ask them for references from other patients they have done the surgery on

Often the vet can “tack” the eye lid to prevent issues until the pup outgrows this condition.

You may notice your dogs eyes tearing all the time or a heavy constant discharge.  If so, you should see the vet and discuss the possibility of this condition.

In some cases constant tearing can be caused by a clogged tear duct, or the duct is too small.  The vet can put die in the eyes and wait to see if it runs from both nostrils.  If not, most likely a duct issue as opposed to entropian .

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