How To Deal With A Stroke

My mother had a severe stroke in June of 2011 and it was devastating to her and my entire family.  Especially my father.

The initial shock of seeing your loved one in the hospital is awful.  But you need to try and stay calm for the stroke victim and re-assure them that they will be okay.

My mom went into a rehab and started to regain her speech shortly after.  She started rehab and I was there every day to watch, learn and work with the physical therapists in her therapy.  I am a personal trainer so this came easier to me than most.

Her right side was affected but her right leg has come along. The first day I saw her stand and walk, with much help, I was in tears.

Unfortunately her right arm is not coming along as hoped and its been 2 years.

I truly believe in prayer and had a huge prayer chain going for mom from day one.  I believe the progress she has made is my encouraging her, along with her physical therapists and the prayers for her.

Never give up on a stroke victim.  It can take time but they can make progress.

I had mom home to my house for mothers day this year and she stood from her wheel chair, using a cane, and walked up the 2 steps into my house, with someone on either side of her for support if needed.  It was wonderful!

Don’t give up, keep working, keep praying and progress can be made.

Encouraging the stroke victim to work hard in PT is important, especially if their brain as not been effected, as in my mom’s case.

I pray for anyone going thru this ordeal.  Stay strong and persevere.


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