Worming A Litter Of Puppies

There are breeders who worm their litters at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks of age.

I feel this is overkill.

While it is true that most pups are/can be born with worms – they get them in utero – it has not been the case in my litters for many years.

It can all depend on the environment pups are born and raised in.

Out in a kennel, a barn, etc…… where wild animals are rampant you can have a better chance of wormy pups.

My litters are born in my home and I do not have a lot of wild animals in my yard.

Therefore, my worming protocol is around 5 and 7 weeks of age.

I have found 2 worming is enough for my pups.  This has been proven with my past litters when the pup buyer takes their pup for their initial 72 hour health check at their vet which includes a fecal check.

I worm my pups with Strongid at 1 ml per 10 pounds of weight.  Weigh each pup just prior to worming.  If the pup is 5 lbs use .5 ml of Strongid.  If the pup is 5 1/2 lbs than I go by the 6 lb mark and use .6 ml of Strongid.

When I do the final worming of pups at 7 weeks of age I also worm the Dam/mother with Panacur.  That also goes by weight and is done 3 days in a row.

Note never worm pups 3 days in a row.  Just the adult Dam/mother.

If you see your pups passing worms than you may consider a third worming.

I also have a fecal done when my pups have their 8 week health check by my  vet just prior to going to their new homes to rule out any worms, coccidia or giardia.



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