Bodybuilding Fitness Tips

It takes a tremendous amount of deter-
mination, discipline, drive, perseverance
and, most important, nutritional knowl-
edge to make a Bodybuilding champion.

We are what we eat. As a bodybuilder
nutrition is the most important factor. The
goal is to gain muscle with heavy weight
training, and without the proper diet of
high complex carbohydrates, proteins and
moderate fat one can not build muscle and

tone down fat nor can the body endure the

grueling hours in the gym.

Your body is like a car. It needs fuel to
perform. The body draws its energy from
carbohydrates to build muscle and burn
fat. After a workout these fuels are deplet-
ed. Just as when your car needs refueling,
so does your body. You need to refuel
with complex carbohydrates after a work-
out to prepare the body for the next day’s


Three months prior to a competition a
bodybuilder begins to do what is termed
as “dieting down”; gradually reducing fats
from the diet, replacing them with carbo-
hydrates and protein to reduce body fat,
easily consuming 2,500 to 3,000 calories
or more a day. This picks up the body’s
metabolic rate to incredible heights and
even with all those calories the body sheds

, I to 2 pounds of fat a week.

The same holds true for the untrained
athlete; people who want to get in shape,
lose weight, tone down and keep the
excess pounds off. The average American
consumes too mtich fat and does not exer-
cise enough. It is important for individuals
to steer clear of quick loss diets. Sensible
eating is the key. It is important to remem-
ber that the body needs a certain amount
of fat in order to function properly. Eating
4 to 5 small meals of the right foods each
day increases the body’s metabolic rate
enabling the individual to loss fat, not

muscle mass.                      ‘

Diet and exercise go hand-in-hand.

Weight loss without exercise may result in
a thinner body, but the end result is an
untoned and flabby body. The more you
eat of the proper foods, combined with
aerobic exercise anda weight training pro-
gram, the leaner you will be. Muscle is
much more metabolically active than fat.
Therefore, increasing the muscle to fat
ratio through an exercise/diet program
results in a lean, firm body.

A healthy diet and exercise program
helps prevent osteoporosis and back prob- .

lems, relieves stress, and relieves arthritic
pain. It lowers the risk of heart attack,
colon problems and some forms of cancer;

Through the correct exercise and nutri-
tional guidance of a personal trainer any-
one can be fit, trim and firm for the rest of
their life. There is no greater satisfaction
for’ a personal trainer than to take an unin-
formed client and guide them on the road
to a healthy and fit life style. Beginners
should be encouraged to take the first step.
Working with a personal trainer can
change your life. I know it can be done-

I have proven it with myself and with my .

Patty Snow-Estrada

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