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I am sure most of the people in the US are tired of our jobs going to other countries.  We used to be the “textile” nation and had great quality in that area.  Now, you buy tee shirts and/or other clothing, etc. and the quality is not there anymore and sometimes they really have an odor.  Anyway, I was tired of seeing “Made in China” on just about everything.  Usually that is when it had an odor.  So, I went on the Internet and “Googled” “tee shirts made in USA.”  I was pleasantly surprised to see how many things are still made in USA.  It pulled up other things as well.  And the prices were not bad on most.  I have made it my goal to try to buy American-made whenever possible.  I realize in this economy now, it may unfortunately not be the best choice for some due to price.  But, WE made things that way by constantly demanding and buying cheaper products.  Cheaper in price and then of course quality follows.  If we want to bring manufacturing back to the USA for many of our household items…clothes, toys, furniture, decor, etc., we need to be willing to pay a bit more for those items unfortunately, but not always.  After all, that is why manufacturing has left the US…for the “cheap.”  Cheaper labor….cheaper EVERYTHING.  And some say, they left the US due to all the regulations, etc.  Well guess what?  That is what has protected us from the types of contamination issues we continue to see from products made outside of the US.  Sadly, though, contamination issues are finding their way within our country as well, especially within the food industry.  Having said all that, please, whenever you can, try to buy something made in USA and push for tighter regulations and enforcement when it comes to our food industries in the US.  I have listed a few sites below where I have recently purchased some tee shirts made in USA and have been pleased with the quality so far.  Please add some of the sites any of you may have used also and tell us how you liked the product.  Support our country! Demand more and more be made here as well.    🙂

Have not ordered from here yet, but plan on it.  They sell pet items made in USA.

Now, Serengeti, like many other unique companies like this, has started offering more and more clothing that is made in the USA.  You have to read the description in order to be sure the item is made here.

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