Screening Puppy Buyers – Finding The Right Home For Your Pups

Screening puppy homes is one of the most important things you do for your litter of pups; whether you are a reputable breeder or have an “oops” litter.

First of all its best if you have all the health clearances on the dam and sire.

Obviously that is not always the case with an “oops” litter.

As a reputable breeder I prefer to talk on the phone with a potential buyer.  I will not answer questions or price on my pups via email.  You must call and talk to me on the phone so I can ask you questions, get a feel for you and I can answer your questions.

These are the main questions I ask.

Name, number, address

Have you ever owned a dog, specifically a Labrador.  If so is it still alive and if not, how did it pass.

Do you have children, how many and what ages (this is a big criteria because if a buyer has a 1 and 3 yr old (for example) and wants an 8 week old pup – that is a job not many can handle)

Do you own your home or rent. (if you rent, I need to talk to your landlord)

Do you have a fenced in yard – physical or invisible

What is your work schedule and that of your husband

Do you believe in crate training.

I want a vet reference – I need to know that if you had a dog in the past that you went for yearly check ups or if you had an issue such as ear infection, that you followed up to be sure it was cleared up. (just an example)

These are all important issues to consider when placing a pup in a home.

It is important first and foremost, for the pup, to be placed in its forever home the first time around.  Having to take a pup back, (which I will always do) disrupts the life of the pup.

I can not tell you the calls I get for pups, from really good people looking for a new member to their family to those that are just all over the internet and price shopping.

I set the price for my pups and “it is not negotiable”.  My pups will never go down in price because (perhaps someone backs out at the last minute) I have a pup that is 10 weeks or older.  I have to now house train, leash train, crate train, etc.  Not to mention most likely having to take it for its 2nd or 3rd vaccination while I am starting over searching for the right home.

So,…… NO the cost of the pup is not reduced from the original price.  If anything it should be more for all the work I have put into the pup.  In most cases I do not raise the price from the original.

These are all things that buyers need to realize and think about prior to researching for a pup.

Not to mention those of you with “oops litters” (I know…… unfortunately it happens) and you don’t know how to go about finding the right homes for your pups.

NEVER GIVE YOUR PUPS AWAY!   What someone gets for free is usually not respected enough to care for.  Even shelters and rescues charge a fee.

Please do right by your pups by carefully screening your buyers and if its an “oops” litter, charge a fee for you pups.  But first and foremost, carefully screen your potential families.

I am a hobby breeder and will turn anyone away that I do not feel is the right home for one of my pups.

Follow your gut instinct.    IT IS NEVER WRONG.

I am always here to help anyone.  Dogs (all animals) are a huge passion in my life.  So if you find yourself in this position with a litter and not knowing what to do to find the right homes please call me and I will help to educate you.

My number and email is available thru my website below.


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