Order Accuracy Taken to New Levels

Have you ever been waiting on that order from your favorite online store and when it arrives you are so disappointed because what you ordered isn’t what they shipped? We feel your pain, at Hearty Pet we take customer service to the next level far exceeding that of our competitors in many if not most areas. We have what we feel is the best value proposition for our customers. We offer the best of the best when it comes to the products we carry. We try very hard to keep our costs down so we can keep our prices down. We offer you our shipping rates, far below that of the Fedex published rates and we regularly offer you extra savings from our newsletter.

We want to take that level of customer service and take it to the next level. Hearty Pet is proud to announce that
we have designed and implemented an in-house solution to guarantee order accuracy. Using our new system
(we call it accu-pack internally), we carefully have all orders bar coded and scanned prior to picking. When our team members pull the order, it is carefully scanned against the original order to verify that the proper item was pulled and then it is placed in the box. The software makes it obvious to the staff that the order is accurate (BIG GREEN LIGHT) or there is an issue (BIG RED LIGHT). When something doesn’t properly match, there is a detailed summary of what is wrong and the staff can then rescan a new product to quickly correct and pack. All humans make mistakes, we understand that, but we want to make certain that you get what you ordered. This system should eliminate human error. We are VERY proud of our team as they work hard at what they do and this is just another way to help them do the best job they can.

We recently moved into our new warehouse/packing facility and we are getting the kinks worked out and our efficiency is at an all time high. Same day shipping in most cases, accurate orders, a great value proposition, and world class customer service is why we are rapidly becoming the leader in online premium pet food sales.

We want to thank your for all your support and let you know we are making changes continously to
better our offerings for you. Keep your eyes open for other exciting changes coming to your browser soon!

2 thoughts on “Order Accuracy Taken to New Levels”

  1. I just received my oreder#30932,I was estatic w/ your fastness & prompness,Also packaging is a AAAA,plus.you guys are amazing thanks,from ceasar & mom!!!We shall definately reorder,no regrets at all .Seams soreal,we luv yall!!!where have you guys been all our lives????see yall soon,bye,w.o. & ceasar.bow wow great.

  2. We couldn’t wait to receive the goodies we ordered online, but we didn’t have to wait long… boy, are you guys quick! The order was packed perfectly and best of all, Butterscotch loved everything! Goodbye Petco, Hello HeartyPet! I will definately reorder.

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