Cat Litter II

Here I am again to talk about cat litter.  This is a topic near and dear to my heart since I have 7 cats.  Seven.  I still stop and count again to make sure. :-)

My fav cat litter used to be “Healthy Pet Health Plus.”  It started getting dustier due to the “grain” in it, so I switched back to “Healthy Pet Dust Free Fiber”.  This worked great for a while but it has since gotten dustier as well.  I will address this via feedback directly to the manufacturer.  It still is okay for me…a lot less dust than any other I have used.  I don’t just use this by itself, though.  I mix in cat litter I found at Walmart called “Pro Pet Fresh Results.”  This looks just like “Arm & Hammer’s Essentials” cat litter but it runs about $2.00 cheaper.  I understand not all Walmarts carry this brand.  This helps with odor control and adds natural clumping so it helps me to keep the litter boxes cleaner in between soap and water cleaning.  So far, this is working out well for me…other than having to order Healthy Pet online.  But it is nice to have the litter delivered right at your door.  Less lifting and carrying for me to do.  :-)

So, there are my two cents on cat litter again.  I would LOVE to hear what others are using that are in the more natural categories for cat litters.  I do not like the crystals or heavily perfumed litters.  I have allergies so I have to be careful what I use.  I have found I can use some pine and some cedar litters as well when push comes to shove.  I have also used the “recycled newspaper” litters.