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Here I am again to talk about cat litter.  This is a topic near and dear to my heart since I have 7 cats.  Seven.  I still stop and count again to make sure. 🙂

My fav cat litter used to be “Healthy Pet Health Plus.”  It started getting dustier due to the “grain” in it, so I switched back to “Healthy Pet Dust Free Fiber”.  This worked great for a while but it has since gotten dustier as well.  I will address this via feedback directly to the manufacturer.  It still is okay for me…a lot less dust than any other I have used.  I don’t just use this by itself, though.  I mix in cat litter I found at Walmart called “Pro Pet Fresh Results.”  This looks just like “Arm & Hammer’s Essentials” cat litter but it runs about $2.00 cheaper.  I understand not all Walmarts carry this brand.  This helps with odor control and adds natural clumping so it helps me to keep the litter boxes cleaner in between soap and water cleaning.  So far, this is working out well for me…other than having to order Healthy Pet online.  But it is nice to have the litter delivered right at your door.  Less lifting and carrying for me to do.  🙂

So, there are my two cents on cat litter again.  I would LOVE to hear what others are using that are in the more natural categories for cat litters.  I do not like the crystals or heavily perfumed litters.  I have allergies so I have to be careful what I use.  I have found I can use some pine and some cedar litters as well when push comes to shove.  I have also used the “recycled newspaper” litters.

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  1. I would really suggest a new litter that just hit the market, FreshAire With Bio-Filters. As of right now it is only sold at PetSmart. FreshAire With Bio-Filters naturally controls odor without chemicals or fragrances. It is the first litter to combine both clay and soft pine. The result is a 100% chemical free cat litter that clumps tight for easy cleanup.

    The litter is targeted towards cat owners who are interested in a natural litter that meets their needs, or have tried an alternative litter in the past with disappointing results. The hybrid technology used to create FreshAire With Bio-Filters was specifically developed with busy cat owners in mind. Today’s pet owners want to do the right thing for our environment and use an all-natural, safe product, but they need something that they can depend on. FreshAire With Bio-Filters delivers hard, fast clumping that makes clean-up fast and simple. Instead of masking odors with added chemicals and fragrances, this unscented litter uses Bio-filters to neutralize odors, leaving only the clean, natural scent of pine.

    FreshAire With Bio-Filters works with your cat’s natural instincts. Many cat owners that try a new litter are disappointed when they bring it home and realize that their cat won’t use it. Research shows that felines prefer a natural, fragrance free, soft litter. FreshAire With Bio-Filters is soft on paws, but low on dust, keeping pets and pet owners happy.

    You can learn more about the litter at

  2. A friend of mine saw FreshAire at Petsmart and tried it three weeks ago. He just brought a new cat into his household and the older cat was not happy so it started to avoid the litter box. Yea thats bad if you know what I mean. After he replaced the litter with FreshAire both cats are now using the litter box. He’s thrilled. I decided to try it myself and my cat took to it imediately. I think its the soft pine. He must like the natural smell of the pine and I like the no chemicals. Oh and Gizzaroo no dust problem and my past tracking problem is now gone too.

  3. I like the FreshAire stuff too. My family uses Melaleuca products, all natural and no toxins for a lot of things for cleaning the house. So when I saw this stuff had all natural ingredients, no chemicals, I really wanted to try it. This is my wifes cat, and I have always been annoyed by the odor. A few days after using this stuff the odors went away and now I smell a bit of pine, which is one of the ingredients. Less litter around the box also, guess he used to fling it out of the box or something, this stuff is staying in the box.

  4. My understanding is that clay litters, while natural are extracted from the earth in a manner similar to strip mining and that the process isn’t good for the workers extracting it, either. I like the Pro-Pet Fresh Results, but don’t find it in many stores. Interesting to see it is available at some Wal-Marts.

  5. I have been using the Pro-Pet Fresh Results for a long time now. We have three cats, but WalMart has stopped selling it. This is upsetting to me because this was not dusty, but the most important feature is that it will go through my electronic litter box. I don’t want to ruin a $300 machine with a cheap litter.
    Can anyone offer an alternative for people like me with electronic machines? I absolutely don’t want to breathe that dusty stuff anymore. I’m afraid that is inviting cancer in the lungs.

  6. I bought one bag of ProPet Fresh Results, and it is absolutely awful. We had bought 2 bags of Fresh Step Natural Scoop with carbon, and me and my cats (all 4 of them) love it. BUT. Walmart doesn’t carry it anymore, which is why I tried the Fresh Results. Within 3 days, the Fresh Results was stinky, didn’t clump, and is just nasty. The other 2 litter boxes still have the Fresh Step Natural Scoop, and the cats go to those 2 rather than deal with Fresh Results….and I haven’t changed those 2 boxes since the first of the month, just scooping them out. Much better value, much better product.

    BTW, I have looked up the web site for ProPet ( and there is NO such thing for this litter, although the web site is clearly marked on the bag….

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