My Pup Has An Over Bite

First of all your breeder (if you got your pup from a “reputable breeder”) should have informed you of the overbite prior to your picking up your pup.

Many overbites, seen at 8 weeks of age (by the breeder and their vet), will correct as the pup grows.

Some may not and may need surgery in the future, as young as 6-8 months of age.

Here are pics of a pup that needed surgery so you have an idea of what you are up against and/or if your pup may need surgery.




(I am sorry but you may need to copy and paste the pics above as I can not get them to come thru on the blog.  They are worth lo0king at)

If you look close the third pic you will see a spot on the roof of the dogs mouth where the canine was beginning to puncture the roof of the mouth. (upper right side of the roof)

This is the reason the pup needed to have surgery and have that canine removed, to prevent further damage.

There are other options for dogs with overbites.  You need to see a vet that has experience with this or a canine dentist.

Please do not let something like this go unchecked.  It can cause horrible health issues to your pup if you ignore it.

Ask your vet to refer you to a specialist or a dentist for a second opinion to be sure you are doing what is best for your pup.

I have heard that keeping a young pup with an overbite, from 8 weeks of age, carrying around a tennis ball as often as possible can help his overbite to correct as the pup grows.  But you must be diligent with that tennis ball.


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