Before Grain

Before Grain Logo“New School Pyramid, Old School Nutrition” 

Before traditional grain based diets, mealtime for cats and dogs was provided by nature. Before Grain provides a diet rich in high quality meat and bio available nutrients the way nature intended. We believe a diet based primarily on fresh meat, blue fruit, nutrient dense vegetables, and high quality oils contribute to overall health and longevity and supports healthy weight naturally. And because most of our furry companions are “everyday extraordinary pets” we created a grain free food with a more moderate protein baseline for the everyday diet that is more optimally processed by sensitive internal organs such as the kidneys.

2 thoughts on “Before Grain”

  1. this food is awesome! Even my pickiest cats gobbled it up. ANd my one overweight kitty has started to lose some weight. They love all 3 flavors but the salmon seems to be especially popular. I highly recommend this food. They also LOVE the canned food too – especially the quail formula!

  2. my gang loves the quail also but remember… the Before Grains food is only a supplemental food and not meant for regular daily feeding since it DOES NOT contain the added nutrients vital for cats. Feed them Evo 95% and put out a little of the B.G. food for a treat now and then. 😉 Evo 95% has the added nutrients and is meant for daily feeding.

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