Removing Tree Sap From Dogs Fur/Coat

Whenever we have a big storm here I lose a lot of pine branches from my trees.  My one girl , Miya, always loves to lay out in the sun and ends up on top of these sap filled branches making a mess of her coat

There are a number of suggestions on the internet, most of which require bathing the area after removal of the sap:

Olive oil

Peanut butter



Coconut oil

Baby oil

Tree sap removal products : be very careful that the product you choose is safe for dogs or cats.

Here’s a better idea and one I have not tried yet, but recommended by a friend who has.

Flour or baby powder:  massage into the sap with fingers and work in well to absorb the stickiness.  Brush the area with a fine tooth comb.

No bathing needed!

Please post if you try this method and let me know how it works.


Author: patty

Franklin Lakes, NJ

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