Seat Belt Law For Dogs In NJ

Many of you have probably heard of this proposed law.

It has gotten out of control on the internet.

It seems this law would only pertain to dogs riding in the back of a pick up truck, on the drivers lap, a dog with half its body out the window (not just its head) or an unruly dog jumping around in the car.

Dogs that lay down quietly in the back seat would not be subject to this law or any fines.

“Tim Martin, a spokesman for the New Jersey SPCA, called the remark an “unscripted moment” and said the group, which is allowed to enforce animal protection laws, does not target drivers who leave their pets unbuckled. “The point we were trying to make is having Spot on your lap while you’re driving is dangerous to both you and the animal,” he said.”

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There was an article where Martin called into a radio station and explained how this law got twisted on the internet but unfortunately I can not find the article to post here.

Perhaps someone else can.


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