1 thought on “Homemade cleaner for cat urine/spray odor”

  1. Hey everyone!
    I did not need to use this, luckily. Although I did buy a “Stinklight” and store brand urine spray odor remover just in case.
    I ended up being able to address the odor issue with first vinegar and water, Lysol spray, and then Lysol cleaner mixed with water. I don’t know if it was the combination or just the Lysol cleaner but the odor is gone. But, it was not too bad to begin with. You had to really be next to it to notice it. I guess I was lucky this time. 🙂
    My vet gave me a tranquilizer to give to this cat in her food so that I can hopefully catch her and bring her to him to be fixed/altered/spayed. So, hopefully this will take place next week and hopefully no more urine/spray odors. 🙂

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