Diagnosing Hip Dysplasia (HD)

If you suspect your dog has HD please know the only way to diagnose is via x-ray.

No vet can diagnose HD just by:

1. Examining the dog

2. Pulling on the legs (which you absolutely do not want done on a growing pup) (if your vet tries to do this to your pup – many will on your first vet visit – please stop them immediately or they can do damage)  I also suggest finding a new vet.

3. Seeing the dog move.

The x-rays must be done by a vet with experience in proper positioning.  Most of you will not find your regular vet qualified to do these x-rays.

Proper positioning is very important.  See this link:


Note:   The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals is the only organization qualified to read the x-rays on pure bred dogs and give a rating of  fair, good or excellent (or confirm HD).  Your vet is not qualified to do this.


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