Bacon Crunchies

This is a wonderful starter to a dinner party or cocktail party.

Easy to make and they freeze great.

Bacon Crunchies

Double or triple the batch

¾ c dark brown sugar

1 stick margarine (room temp)

1 package onion soup mix

1 lb bacon

Pepperidge farm white bread (thin one)

Remove crust and cut into 1/4s

Mix the first 3 ingred. till well blended

Spread mixture on 1/4s about 1 tspn per ¼ (don’t put on too much)

Wrap each one in a piece of bacon overlapping and lay on cookie sheet cut side down (cut bacon strips into thirds – one piece for each 1/4 pc of bread)

Bake 325 deg. 10-15 min.

Make in advance without baking and freeze on cookie sheet than transfer to zip lock for future  baking

Spread mixture thin and always cut bread in 1/4s first.



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