Are NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) Safe For My Dog?

This is a serious subject if your vet has prescribed:




To name a few.

These drugs can have serious side effects to your dog’s liver or kidneys.

You must be sure and do full bloodwork prior to starting these drugs to be sure organs are functioning properly before administering these drugs.  And if organs are good you must monitor them once on the drug.

Ibuprofen is not safe for dogs, neither is Tylenol.

For pain relief Tramadol is a good choice (but it is not an anti-inflammatory)

I had a great link on Tramadol from a vet tech but it has been removed from the internet (no idea why)

But here is good info on the product.  (you will also notice the vet tech link there but it will not come up – I have emailed to try and find out why)


Lubrisyn is a good choice for joint/arthritic issues.

If your dog needs pain relief please discuss the choices extensively with your vet.

Even if they recommend one of the NSAIDS mentioned above, please think twice and do your research first.

More info here:

Labradors are one breed prone to side effects of NSAIDS – especially Rimadyl:  Other breeds are as well so please be diligent in your research.

While this post is geared toward NSAIDS and the dangers there is more info here on natural pain relief.

Our Beloved Canine Seniors – Arthritis/Joint Issues


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